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National Touring Company. Video game event touring environment that brings the in-home gaming experience to major events and
retailers nationwide.
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"The Saratoga County Fair scored BIG with IGX! The positive reaction of the fair guests and the amount of use that the terminals got is an indication of how popular video gaming is. It is a challenge each year to bring something that reaches such a wide array of ages. We were pleased to see the area so well used and would plan on bringing IGX back in 2006."
Dick Rowland, General Manager, Saratoga County Fair / former President, New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs

"IGX Adrenalin Jam event was a success. Feedback from consumers and patrons was positive with a consistent crowd throughout the three day period. In addition, we collected over 1000 entry blanks to give away a Nintendo Game Cube. The event was well received by all and I would definitely invite IGX back in the future"
Dolores Varbero, Marketing Manager,
North Riverside Park Mall, Chicago

"The IGX display was great! The crowd response made me wish I had another thirty screens instead of 20."
Jamey Workmen,
Entercom, Greensboro

"The IGX exhibit was in the heart of the entertainment area and was fun for everyone, young and old alike. The screens were always full and the exhibit busy with activity."
Mark Wennike, Marketing Director,
Columbus International Auto Show

"We brought IGX into the Volusia County Fair & Youth Show (185,000+ attendance) in Deland, Florida in 2004. We were looking for something that appealed to the 7- 20 year old. Not only did it appeal to that age group but we saw a wide range of people "playing" the games. The parents could leave their pre-teens or teens at the IGX booth and go out and explore the exhibits and displays at the Fair. IGX did so well that we are bringing them into the Anderson County Fair in Anderson, SC October 14 - 23, 2005. I was recently hired as the new Fair Manager in Anderson and wanted to bring in something that would add excitement and "buzz" to our Fair.
This is an attraction that NEEDS to be booked at every Fair. It is the attraction of the 21st Century Fair."
John Owens, Fair Manager,
Anderson County Fair & Expo Center

"Initially we were looking for something to attract the 8-to-18 year-old demo for the festival. What we discovered was IGX not only attracted and held the younger demo but families and senior citizens as well. While the kids played the video games, parents were able to spend more time shopping and exploring the exhibits. IGX appealed to everyone and filled the niche we were looking for. IGX is an attraction that we would book again."
Patsy Brooks, General Manager,
Florida Strawberry Festival

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